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How Long Distance Relationship Could Work

Nobody said it was easy. 

But you have to make it work. You need to prove them wrong for those who say it got nowhere to go.

Long distance relationship may be hard but it has its own surprises too. And you need to prepare yourself for that.

One thing that would keep your strings attached is to let the other party feel you are just living together. You just need to keep on having constant communication. But never oblige each other to be on the phone almost half of the day, just to suffice the times you were apart. That would sometimes smother him/her and worse, would question your trust to him/her.  Just never forget to say "Good morning, love", "Have a Nice Day, Love" and "Good Night,Baby" "Sweet Dreams, darling". And an update of how are you would do.                       

Do things together to bring him/her closer like engaging in a video call while you are in special place like in a restaurant that is meaningful for you both, watching movies together, playing online games together, eating together or whatever it is that you couple love to do together. 

Keep the flames burning. Keep on giving surprises such as giving gifts randomly. Let him/her feel you think of him/her a lot and let this gift be your sub for being there beside him/her. This gift would remind of you.  

Do not let the distance be the hurdle to make your love any less, let it be the reason for your love to grow stronger, to long for him/her more. 

Let it be the challenge to develop your trust and loyalty and eventually, and of yourselves.

Who knows? Your relationship might be better than those who live together. 

What good it would bring if you are physically close but but feels like strangers. Yet here you are, geographically miles apart but sharing the same beat of the heart so closely together. 

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