Why People Love Our Pillowcases

First of all, they are super soft! Oh, Susannah® uses top quality material and inks.  We start with 120 Gram, silky soft, double brushed microfiber fabric in all our pillowcases. Next we use a permanent fiber dyeing process that leaves the decoration area soft and breathable so you can actually sleep on these decorated pillowcases and not even feel it. This is not a scratchy screen print on cheap paper thin cotton. You will love sleeping on these pillowcases just as much as looking at them.

The ink that we use is an eco friendly and CPSIA child skin safe approved digital ink that means you can rest assured (I couldn't help myself!) that your precious ones will be safe on our pillowcases.  The same can't be said of other brands of decorative pillowcases...have you ever tried to sleep on a screen printed or embroidered pillowcase?  Not a pleasant experience.  

Since we are dying the fibers, you also get extremely durable decoration that will never fade after washing.  

They are also quick drying and wrinkle resistant to keep your bed looking great!


The picture below shows how our pillowcases compare to other brand's screen print.  Ours show some very nice looking fuzz at 50x zoom that is there to whisk you away to dreamland on the wings of a thousand cotton candy butterflies (we may need to trademark that phrase...). 

Oh Susannah pillowcases compared to a screen print.


Check out this video of one man testing out how soft our pillowcases really are.