Wedding Anniversary Meanings for the First 10 Years


You might be in the struggle of selecting a perfect wedding anniversary gift for your loved one or to your couple friends who are celebrating theirs as well. And you might want to your gift to be great and meaningful. And dozens of wedding gift ideas are presented there in a silver platter but nothing you deem is a gift for keeps.

That is why I am presenting this list of traditional symbols for each year to impart these ideas to you on what to give depending on what year the couple is celebrating their love and vow to each other. And think about how your partner would be so impressed and elated that you have come to this knowledge. So don’t forget to explain why!

I also indicated some photos and I hope you find it useful as a unique gift idea that you might also save for your future reference. Now, if you really want your gift to be one of a kind and think about making DIY crafts, you can base your handmade products out of these ideas. And if you already have something in mind or if you already possess something in your hand and you want it to be more special, you can actually use this list as an inspiration and add accent to your gift.

Let’s say, for instance, it is your 3rd  (leather) wedding anniversary, and you bought a new leather sofa set, you can add accent by adding the personalized pillow cases.  Or it’s your 4th wedding anniversary (Linen) and you already bought pillows. Now, you want it to be more meaningful, you can add adorable personalized linen pillow cases to your gift.

Hope you love!

1st year:   Paper

It would be so sweet if you will have a memoir of your journey as a lover and on your first wedding anniversary, you'll invite your partner to co-author your book together and complete your bucket list in the future.

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2nd year:   Cotton      

As strong and soft as a cotton, these couple pillow cases would bring you and your partner closer to each other and will remind you to be together at the end of the day.


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 3rd year: Leather

Leather symbolizes protection and covering. On your 3rd wedding anniversary, let your partner feel secured of your love through this infinity couple bracelet. You can use this picture as an inspiration and have yours personalized or DIY to make it even more cute.


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4th year:  Linen  

Linen symbolizes strength and if you reached your fourth year as a couple, it is hard to break you. Through the years, you've managed to have a strong relationship by keeping open communication and let these adorable couple pillow cases accompany you with your pillow talks. 

5th year: Wood     

Fill your room with a cozy ambience through this wooden candle holder. In ancient times, wood symbolizes strong deep roots and you are gaining understanding of your stumblings and you learn to forgive.  Let this be a reminder of how you developed the roots of your relationship, and you will both continue to light it up together. 


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6th year: Candy       

You can actually make your candies sweeter and more meaningful if your words and pictures are the covering of the sugar. 

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7th year: Copper       

Copper produces heat and it represents warmth and comfort. These couple copper moscow mule mugs would be a great representation of that heat you are both keeping for your relationship.


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8th year: Bronze      

Bronze represents the union of two lives and the strength resulting from time and perseverance. It would be so fascinating that these charming and elegant bronze chains are engraved with the date you and your partner united as one.  

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9th year: Pottery    

Do you want to start your day with a good vibe? Share the good vibe with your partner by giving this gift as a symbol of your love and would make his/her day! Since pottery is associated with domestic care and love by giving water to home, add the good vibe by personally making the coffee or tea for him/her using the unique couple pottery mugs.


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10th year: Tin            

Think about how romantic it would be if you'll let your partner feel like it is your Wedding Day again by having the ambiance these tin lanterns bring! And you made them yourself


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