5 Things To Help Your New Quarantined Long Distance Relationship

As if being afraid of contracting the newest deadly virus and being quarantined at home weren’t enough, there’s something else to worry about with Coronavirus/ COVID 19: being away from your loved ones indefinitely.

Whether you were already in a long distance relationship, separated as one partner traveled alone, or missing family members far away, the Coronavirus is keeping loved ones apart all over the globe.

For those currently separated from a loved one, not knowing when you’ll see each other again is making a difficult situation downright unbearable.

“For me personally, I had several trips to see my boyfriend in Paris in March and April. We cancelled those trips. It’s tough not being able to plan the next time we will see each other. Knowing the unknown is frustrating, especially at this moment.” -Daisy, Los Angeles, USA

Thousands of people around the world echo Daisy’s thoughts of fear, sadness, frustration, and longing at being separated from loved ones during this time of international upheaval over the pandemic.

Sometimes you just need a little boost from someone special to help you get through times of uncertainty, but how can you show your love to someone far away while you’re stuck at home watching your favorite shows on Netflix and trying to concentrate on work with the cat sniffing around your laptop?

It may not be an ideal situation, but with a little creativity you can still express your love and support from home- no matter where home happens to be.

Here are 5 Creative ways to show your love while quarantined at home:

1. Send the right message with this LDR pillowcase

coronoavirus quarantine long distance relationship

This LDR pillow case from Oh, Susannah is the perfect way to surprise a loved one. Featuring the phrase “Hug this pillow until you can hug me”, it gives the recipient a clear action to help them feel better when you aren’t there to give them a hug in person.

Not only is the pillowcase clever, it’s also made with super soft brushed microfiber with permanently dyed lettering (no scratchy screen printing), so your loved one will be able to happily squeeze it until you’re reunited.


2. Plan a FaceTime Date

Nothing beats seeing the one you love, and if you’re far apart then the magic of the internet will have to step in as your fairy godmother! With the plethora of Hollywood movies set to be released straight to streaming during the COVID 19 quarantine, why not arrange a time to download a flick at the same time and watch each other watch the movie. You can talk and interact through video while watching the movie, which makes it feel like you’re basically in the same room!

(Bonus: Put that “Hug this pillow until you can hug me” pillow beside you during the movie to give your significant other a little squeeze while you see their face.)


3. Fall asleep on the phone together

When you’re separated from the one you love you soon realize how important the little things are. Grand gestures don’t last, it’s the simple moments of laughing together, holding hands, and falling asleep to the sound of their breathing that turn infatuation into romance. Combat Empty Bed Syndrome with a phone call to your beloved. Set a date to call at bedtime every night, then leave the phone on speaker on the pillow next to you as you each fall asleep. Be soothed by the sound of their breathing, snoring, or sleep talking all night to help you regain some of the intimacy you lose by being apart.


4. Mail them a personal item of yours 

They say a crying baby will calm down once they smell their parents. The same can be true for adults, right?

Send your loved one a t-shirt, stuffed animal, small blanket, or other item which has your essence. He or she can cuddle the item to feel close to you when they need it most!


5. Plan the time you’ll get to see each other again

Planning a trip is a crazy idea right now. No one knows quite how badly each country is infected with Coronavirus or how long quarantine measures will be in place, but that doesn’t have to stop you from planning your next vacation together.

coronavirus quarantine long distance relationship ldr

When you can’t seem to concentrate on anything other than the one you love, take a short break from working at home to research where you can meet next. His city? Yours? Somewhere in between? The hometown you share? Use this time to research hotels, romantic or fun things to do, and comb Yelp reviews for new restaurants to try. You can even reach out to businesses in that area and ask for vouchers on using their services later!

When you’re ready, compile the data on your perfect staycation and send him or her a digital copy. This way all you have to do is hit purchase when flights become available!

Suffering from a long distance relationship due to Coronavirus quarantine? Pin these ideas for later!

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