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Benefits of Oh, Susannah's Decorating Technique


What makes Oh, Susannah pillowcases unique aside from our admirable designs is our dedication to provide high quality products that would guarantee customer satisfaction and that entails the high quality decorating technique we use to ensure quality products.

Some may see other pillowcases to be cheaper than Oh, Susannah’s but most decorative pillowcases are screen printed using low quality cotton that you would never sleep on since they are not breathable and feel rough.

However, we decorate our pillowcases in North Carolina using a digital dye process that embeds the decoration into the super soft microfiber pillowcase that is comparable to 1200 thread count, so you can't even feel they are there, yet you get crisp clean lines and detail.  This process is CPSIA compliant and eco-friendly so you can rest assured that they are safe. 

The decorating technique Oh, Susannah uses does not create a dot pattern during the process like other printing styles will on fabric or vinyl or other rigid plastic substrates, rather it creates a continuous tone print much like how photographs are developed and look like. It creates brighter and smoother color variations and transitions; it is permanent and cannot flake off like some types of ink will. Since the design is dyed into the fibers, it will last the lifetime of the pillowcase without fading after washing up to 50 times. 

You will love SLEEPING on these pillowcases just as much as looking at them. These pillowcases are machine washable, quick drying, and wrinkle resistant. These are extremely durable, safe, super soft and breathable that makes them the perfect gift for any occasions.





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