How to Celebrate National Superhero Day

Happy National Superhero Day! It’s the best time to put on your cape or your favorites superhero customs. National Superhero Day was created by employees at Marvel Comics in 1995.  The day when we can give honor and also celebrate the existence of superheroes. We might also forget, there are two types of superheroes the fictional one and the real superheroes who always give their best in everything.

How to celebrate National Superhero Day?

Make a Superhero Costume for your kids

In general, superheroes always wear a mask, costume or anything that will cover their identity from everyone. You can design a superhero mask from a piece of cardboard or you can use any paper plates, a hole puncher, and add some yarn. Let your kids color them with their favorite color or let them design their mask. A mask is not complete without a superhero cuffs. You can design a cool superhero cuffs by just using the cardboard of toilet paper rolls and you can add some buttons or glitters to brighten the design of the superhero cuffs. Lastly, add a cape then your superhero costume is now complete. But not every superhero wears a costume, a mask or anything, some superhero's wears police uniform, an apron, or anything normal. We should keep in mind that not all superheroes wear a costume because they don't need them to help and inspire others.

Watch a superhero movie with your kids

Watch your favorite superhero movie with your family, prepare a popcorn and you are ready. Also, don’t forget to wear your superhero while watching. You can also get your old DVDs and watch old superhero movies and let your family know how you became a superhero fan. If you don’t have one, you can go to a cinema and watch the latest superhero movie.

Read a Superhero Comic Books

Old but gold. Before any cinema has been established, we were once addicted to reading superhero comic books. No special effects but will let your imagination grow about superheroes. You can enjoy reading old superhero comic book while having a bag of chips on your side.

Give a superhero gift

During this day, if we want to give something special to the superhero of our life. You can check below our superhero mask pillowcases and remind them that they are your superhero.



This superhero swaddle is a perfect gift for your kids who loves to be a superhero.


This pillowcase has a cute black superhero mask as pictured.
This toddler size superhero mask is perfect for your newborn baby.

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