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Navigating the Challenges of a Long Distance Relationship: 21 Tips for Success

long distance relationships

Continuing a relationship with your partner when you are thousands of miles apart can be difficult. Here are 21 practical tips to help make sure that a long-distance relationship is a success.

1 Invest in Technology

Making sure you are both able to connect with each other frequently is essential when it comes to a long distance relationship. Investing in the necessary technology like a laptop and video chat capabilities to keep you in contact with your partner is a must. You can stay up-to-date with their daily life and stay firmly connected with your partner.

2 Stay Positive

Remaining positive is important for any relationship, and with the added distance, this is especially true. Providing continuous support and encouraging words about the future of the relationship is essential for stability. Reports have even shown that regular positive conversations can be linked to increased satisfaction in the relationship.

3 Make Plans

It is important to make future plans together so that you both are looking forward to spending time together. Scheduling time to visit each other in the future will make the distance more bearable. Also planning activities that you both can do together, like viewing the same movie or playing online games can help make the relationship more intimate.

4 Focus On The Future

It is important to be realistic about the length of time that your relationship will be apart for and focus on the positive. Setting goals together and imagining a happy future when you finally do get to be together will help keep you motivated and looking ahead.

5 Have Some Restrictions 

It is important to set boundaries when it comes to communication. Make sure that you aren't relying too much on your partner and realize that you should still have your own life outside of the relationship as well. It may also be helpful to come to an agreement about speaking frequencies and not to expect conversations every day.

6 Get Creative

Inventing imaginative ways to stay connected and show care during physical separation is essential. Sending frequent messages, parcels and photos of you and the places you have visited can help make your partner feel special and closer to you. 

7 Keep Surprises Coming

Surprises are an essential for long-distance relationships, regardless of the type of relationship, and surprises can range from something as small as a surprise-filled package once a month to an impromptu visit. Order a gift ready Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me pillowcase delivered to their door in cute packaging and with an adorable card.  They can sleep on it every night and think of you 😘

8 Celebrate Holidays

Holidays provide the perfect opportunity to make your partner feel special, even when you can’t be together. Creative and thoughtful gestures will show your partner that you are thinking of them and are in the spirit of the day.

9 Expand your activities

Spending a majority of time online can be tiresome so, it is a great idea to expand activities and interests as participating in something together can help bring people closer. Think of activities online (like playing online games, learning one another’s native languages, etc.) and offline that you can do together.

10 Utilize Letters

Sometimes seeing it in writing can make a difference. Having the sense that your partner is close by can be magical. Just writing a ‘thinking of you’ or ‘miss you’ letter or card and sending it will help provide some much-needed comfort.

11 Take Advantage of FaceTime/Video Chats

 Skype and FaceTime are great alternatives for having in-person dates. Making sure you are both able to see and hear each other can help avoid the frustration or misunderstandings that can arise from trying to communicate through phone or text.

12 Exchange Surprise Gifts

Sending large and expensive items can be costly and can stir up feelings of guilt in some partners, so sending simple and creative items can be a great way to keep your relationship going. Even a letter and a bouquet of flowers on special occasions can brighten your partner’s day.

13 Discuss Important Matters

It is natural to get into disagreements, but try to avoid letting tempers flare and remember that these disagreements need to move towards resolution. Visualizing yourself in the same room as your partner can help calm these disagreements and help keep the lines of communication open.

14 Accept Challenges

Challenges are inevitable in a long-distance relationship, and these challenges now require more understanding and patience. Being flexible and accepting of each situation should help you and your partner to handle them better and come out stronger.

15 Set Boundaries

It’s common for couples going through a long distance relationship to set boundaries when it comes to spending time with other people, as it is important to maintain trust and respect. Agreeing to certain rules and boundaries at the start of your relationship can help.

16 Organize Virtual Hangouts

It is important to use the time when you are together as wisely as possible so that you can maximize your enjoyment. Organizing regular online dates with games or online movies can reduce loneliness and make the calls more meaningful. 

17 Prioritize Schedules

When you are able to be together in person, the time is of the utmost importance. It is important to prioritize your schedules and make sure that the allotted time is used to its fullest potential. Making sure that both people’s needs are met and that the time is used to the best of your ability is key. 

18 Make Them Feel Special

With the physical distance, it is easy to start to feel neglected in a long distance relationship. Making sure to make your partner feel special and like a priority is essential. A few sweet words, compliments and regular check-ins will go a long way in making your partner feel loved.

19 Set a Goal Together

If neither partner wants to break up the relationship, then you should accomplish the goal of making it work. Setting achievable goals and working towards them will help make the temporary separation easier and provide incentive to work towards a better future.

20 Develop a Sense of Trust

With any relationship, trust is important. Developing a strong sense of trust will mean more honesty between the two of you and more trust that it will all be worth it in the end. This will help to strengthen the relationship and reduce loneliness.

21 Be Understanding

When it comes to long-distance relationships, try to be understanding of their situation and the challenges that come with it. It is important to develop a greater level of understanding, patience and trust for the relationship to remain strong and successful. 

A long-distance relationship between two people requires a lot of patience and commitment, but it is still possible for these relationships to be strong and successful. Utilizing the 21 tips above and being patient with one another can help make your relationship stronger.

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