Subtle Way to Show You're Engaged

When someone is engaged, the only thing that comes to their mind is to show the world how lucky they are to be with someone they truly love. And there are many subtle ways of telling everyone that you are engaged aside from the wearing the ring on your finger, obviously.

Now, if you are one of the lucky ones who gets invited to an engagement party, you might think of any engagement gift ideas that would be worthy for the couple. One thing you can do is to help them tell the world that they are now engaged. Do the favor of giving them a Mr and Mrs sign so they don't have to do it themselves :) 


Cute mugs like this "Does this ring make me look engaged?" is very lovely engagement present that surely a couple would love so dearly. 

Does this ring make me look engaged mug comes with a set, as the other saying "I put a ring on it". The couple could bring these lovely mugs and use it at their respective offices and you are the one who helped them tell their colleagues and friends in the workplace that they are now officially a couple.


If you want some more ideas, these items are also great for engagement gifts for couples as well! This infinity pillowcase could also be an idea for a lover to give his/her fiance a gift. 


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