Capturing Moments: Swaddle Blankets as Photo Prop

Baby photography popular thing to do when you have your newborn child. This isn't just typical photography though. This type of photography is great when your infant is less than 2 weeks old. As parents, we need to capture the memories of our swaddling babies, as they snuggle and cuddle in those warm swaddle blankets.

Age Matters

Generally, baby’s age can affect what are the different types of poses or position you want them to portray. Younger babies are much easier to do curl position than older babies also, younger babies don't mind if they have clothes on because they will always sleep. Baby’s age can tell on how the photography session will run smoothly. One of the most popular poses is the “womb-like” poses, so if they are less than two weeks old babies will just stay asleep and don't mind what is happening in their surroundings.

Photo  Props 

Popular photo props for the baby photography are headbands, wraps, hats, swaddle blankets, fur and much more. If you want to keep your baby warm and protected during the photography, swaddle blankets is one for you. Swaddle blankets are made with smooth fabrics and can be easily washed which are perfect for babies. These blankets are not just the usual fabrics for babies, swaddle blankets nowadays comes in different designs which are usually used for baby photography. You can find a lot of different unique designs depending on what design that you liked. 

Pro tip: Use a heater to keep your baby comfortable if he/she is going au natural. 

You can check below some of the unique baby swaddle designs perfect for your baby.

These blankets are lightweight, easy to use and safe for babies.


This blanket features watercolor-style closed eyelashes. This cute closed eyelashes blanket is truly perfect for your sleepy baby!


This is perfect for the new princess of your family. This organic muslin swaddle blanket features a hand drawn princess crown with sparkle accents.


Mermaids are one of the unique creatures in the world. This blanket features a beautiful tail of a mermaid. Nothing is more awesome than placing your baby on top of this blanket!


Astronaut Swaddle Blankets

This blanket features a hand drawn astronaut suit with a planet and star accents, it shows an amazing astronaut baby floating in space.

Dinosaur Swaddle Blanket

This blanket features a unique design of a cute dinosaur. Placing your baby in this unique dinosaur design is more fun and great!

I'm New Here Swaddle Blankets

This blanket says "I'm New here", which is a perfect phrase for the new member of your family!

Superhero Swaddle Blanket

This blanket is super adorable for your Superhero Baby! 

The blanket is a generous 47" x 47" square of 70% organic bamboo and 30% cotton, the perfect fabric combination of softness, durability, and strength.

Our blankets are not only made with high-quality materials, the cute design of these blankets can be used as an adorable accessory for your baby when you are showing them to your friends or even taking a photo of them. This blankets will make your baby more adorable to everyone around.

Our swaddle blankets would also make a great wall tapestry behind a crib!

This organic swaddle blanket is perfect as a baby shower gift, and each product arrives beautifully packaged in our custom packaging boxes with a blank greeting card for easy gifting.  

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