How to Style Your Bedroom Decor Like a Boutique Hotel

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Style Your Bedroom


Do you ever step into a boutique hotel room and wish you could transport the entire experience back to your Bedroom Decor? The rich textures, elegant accents, and seamless blend of comfort and style seem impossible to replicate. But what if we told you that achieving this luxurious vibe is easier than you think?

One of the secrets lies in the subtle details, such as the quality and design of your pillowcases. 

Transform your bedroom decor into a luxurious boutique hotel getaway with these simple tips. You don't have to break the bank to achieve a cozy and indulgent space. Upgrade your bedding, lighting, and bathroom to experience ultimate comfort and relaxation. 

Add personal touches with metallic finishes and thoughtful accessories for your bedroom decor, while keeping clutter to a minimum. With some inspiration from upscale hotels like the West Elm Hotel, you can create a unique and inviting atmosphere in your own home. Get ready to achieve that five-star hotel feel without leaving your house!

Focus on Bedding for luxurious Bedroom Decor:

So, you want to give your bedroom decor the luxurious feeling of a boutique hotel, huh? Well, it all starts with the bedding!

Investing in quality sheets and pillowcases is a must. opt for soft, high thread count sheets that will make you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud. To add a touch of elegance, choose pillowcases with a fun and sassy print from Oh Susannah. These pillowcases effortlessly add personality to any bedroom decor and will be sure to keep you smiling all night long.

Now, let's talk about comforter and pillows! Go for a plush comforter to give your bed a cozy and inviting look. Pillows are also essential; mix and match different sizes and textures to create a visually interesting bed. Don't forget to add a pop of color with accent pillows!

When it comes to choosing colors for your bedding, opt for neutral hues like beige and grey for a timeless and classic look. However, feel free to introduce a bold color for a fun and personal touch.

Remember, choosing bedding that is both comfortable and elegant will set the tone for a luxurious hotel-inspired bedroom. And with the addition of fun and quirky pillowcases from Oh Susannah, you'll be on your way to creating a space that feels like it was designed just for you.

Upgrade the Lighting For Bedroom Decor:

Your Bedroom Decor like a boutique hotel may seem daunting, but with the right tips, it can be easily achievable. One aspect that can make or break the hotel vibe is lighting. Read on as we discuss ways to elevate your bedroom lighting game.

To set the mood in your sleep space, dimmers and lampshades are a must. This allows you to adjust the lighting according to your needs, whether you’re winding down after a long day or having a cozy night in. Plus, the right lampshade can add a touch of elegance to the room, while also casting a flattering glow on your face.

Indirect lighting options are an excellent way to create a peaceful ambiance in your bedroom. Lamps with soft fabric shades or cove lighting can add depth and make your bedroom feel cozier and warmer. Consider placing them in areas such as your bedside table or behind your headboard.

Choosing light fixtures that complement your bedroom’s overall style can take your lighting to the next level. From crystal chandeliers to minimalistic pendant lights, there’s an abundance of choices to suit your taste and give your room an ultra-luxe feel.

Smart bulbs are also an option to control your lighting easily. Set a romantic pink hue for when you want to chill or a cool blue for when you are working in your room. Smart bulbs also give you the freedom to play with different color temperatures and brightness levels according to your mood.

Wrapping Up:

Lighting sets the tone for any Bedroom Decor, but it’s especially crucial in a Bedroom, where lighting quality can impact your mood, sleep, and self-care routine. With these lighting tips, your bedroom can achieve that luxurious and inviting hotel vibe. Don’t forget to use your imagination and add your personal touch! So, go ahead and create a space that not only looks amazing but also feels serene and chic.

Add Metallic Pops

No need for a complete overhaul if you want to catch the eye when you wander into your sleep space. opt for metallic accents to breathe new life into your bedroom. Metallic artwork and décor add a touch of shine and lend a sense of sophistication to any room. Stick to a theme so your Bedroom Decor doesn't look like a hodgepodge, and keep a consistent color palette. Another way to add a metallic touch is to use mirrors, which do double duty by reflecting light and creating the illusion of more space.

Mirrored finishes in pieces like side tables, dressers, and nightstands, work seamlessly with other materials such as wood or fabric, so they enhance a space without creating a clash. The reflective surface will also bounce light around the room, making every morning an occasion worth waking up to. So combine mirrors and metallic décor to get a style punch that packs a powerful and luxurious feel.

Simplify Accessories:

It's easy to get carried away with accessories in our bedrooms, but to achieve a luxurious boutique hotel feel, it's important to keep things minimal. Start by taking inventory and getting rid of any unnecessary items. A clear space will automatically make your bedroom feel more Zen.

Next, incorporate thoughtful elements that add to the aesthetic of the Bedroom Decor. opt for a personalized jewelry dish or a small vase of fresh flowers on your bedside table. These items add a hint of personality without creating clutter.

Remember, the goal is to create a space that feels peaceful and inviting, so choose items that spark joy and make you happy. By doing so, you'll wake up each day in a space that feels like a luxurious retreat.

Don't Neglect the Bathroom:

As important as your Bedroom Decor may be, your bathroom is just as crucial in setting the luxe hotel vibe. Making your bathroom sleek and streamlined is a surefire way to upgrade its look. Ensure that countertops are free of clutter and that all products are tucked away in drawers or bins.

Display just a few essentials in a small basket and position them on a marble tray for a chic look. Make sure that your bathroom is well-stocked with washcloths, extra toilet paper, and hand soap. You don't want to ruin the vibe by running out of essentials midway through your staycation.

Lastly, don't forget to throw in a candle or a chic bottle of perfume to complete your five-star hotel look. A hotel-worthy bathroom will make you want to spend even more time in your home oasis.

Incorporate Unique Details:

Incorporating unique details is key to transforming your bedroom into a luxurious and personalized space. Take inspiration from West Elm Hotels and focus on creating multi-functional items that are also aesthetically pleasing. A beautiful and functional cart can hold items for a nightcap or reading material, while doubling as an attractive bedside table.

Incorporating local art and bespoke furniture is another way to add a touch of personality to your room. Artwork can add color and texture while bespoke furniture can serve as focal points and conversation starters. Mixing vintage with modern pieces can also create a unique and impressive look that reflects your personal style.

Don't be afraid to take risks and add unexpected elements to your bedroom. A pop of bold color, an unconventional piece of furniture, or a quirky accessory can inject personality and charm into your space. Ultimately, the key is to create an environment that makes you feel relaxed, comfortable, and inspired.

So go ahead, experiment with different styles and elements, and make your bedroom a reflection of your unique personality. And what better way to complete the look than with luxurious Oh Susannah Pillowcases – the perfect finishing touch to your boutique hotel-inspired bedroom.

Curate a Personalized Scent Experience:

Indulge your senses by curating a personalized scent experience in your bedroom. Boutique hotels often greet guests with a signature fragrance that lingers in the air, creating a memorable atmosphere.

To recreate this, select a high-quality room spray, reed diffuser, or essential oil blend that resonates with you. Lavender promotes relaxation, citrus scents invigorate, and vanilla provides warmth. Spritz or diffuse your chosen scent to envelop your room in an inviting and soothing aroma, elevating the overall ambiance to a new level of luxury.

Incorporate Nature's Tranquility:

Nature-inspired elements can evoke a sense of tranquility that resonates with boutique hotel experiences. Introduce indoor plants or botanical artwork to infuse a touch of nature into your bedroom.

Potted plants not only add visual appeal but also contribute to improved air quality, promoting a serene and revitalizing atmosphere. Choose plants that thrive in indoor environments and complement your overall design scheme.

Dream, Unwind, Repeat:

Oh Susannah pillowcases invite you to dream, unwind, and repeat – mirroring the experience of boutique hotels that captivate guests with their allure. With each touch, each thread, we bring you a step closer to the realm of boutique hotel elegance.

As you sink into the comfort of your bed, surrounded by the sophistication you've meticulously crafted, you'll understand why Oh Susannah and boutique hotels share a passion for elevating the everyday into something truly extraordinary.


In summary, creating a luxurious boutique hotel-style bedroom is all about attention to detail. Starting with the bedding, choosing soft and plush comforters and pillows in rich colors can set the tone for a relaxing and indulgent space. Upgrading the lighting with dimmers, lampshades, and indirect lighting options can help to create a mood of soft, warm light.

Adding metallic pops with artwork, mirrors, and décor can infuse glam and sophistication into the room. Simplifying accessories and focusing on thoughtful elements will help to minimize clutter and create a peaceful atmosphere. Don't forget to incorporate unique details, from inspiration from West Elm hotels to bespoke furniture and local artwork.

Finally, with your bathroom, create a sleek aesthetic and stock up on essentials to create a spa-like experience. With these simple tips, you can easily transform your bedroom into a luxurious sanctuary that you'll never want to leave.


1. How important is the quality of my pillowcases in achieving a boutique hotel experience?

Answer: The quality of your pillowcases is crucial in replicating that luxurious boutique hotel feel. Investing in high-quality pillowcases like those offered by Oh Susannah can dramatically enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your bedroom.

2. What thread count should I look for in sheets and pillowcases?

Answer: Aim for a thread count of at least 300 for a soft, luxurious feel. Oh Susannah's pillowcases offer optimal comfort and durability, along with unique designs to suit your taste.

3. Can fun prints on pillowcases work with a boutique hotel aesthetic?

Answer: Absolutely! Oh Susannah specializes in pillowcases with fun and sassy prints that can effortlessly add personality to any upscale bedroom setting.

4. What are some lighting tips to make my bedroom feel more like a hotel?

Answer: Consider using dimmers and lampshades to adjust the ambiance. For a tech-savvy approach, smart bulbs can help you set the mood with varying colors and brightness levels.

5. How can I add metallic elements without going overboard?

Answer: Choose one or two statement pieces, like metallic artwork or a mirrored nightstand. Keeping a consistent color palette can help these elements blend seamlessly into your design.

6. How can I keep my bedroom clutter-free?

Answer: Simplify by keeping only essentials and thoughtful accessories that add value, either functionally or aesthetically.

7. How do I choose the right comforter?

Answer: Opt for a plush, high-quality comforter in a neutral color, adding layers or accents that match with your overall theme.

8. Are scents important in achieving a boutique hotel vibe?

Answer: Yes, scents can make a big difference. Consider high-quality room sprays, reed diffusers, or essential oils to add an extra layer of luxury.

9. How can I make my bathroom feel more like a high-end hotel?

Answer: Keep countertops clutter-free, and consider displaying essentials like washcloths and soap in a stylish manner.

10. What kinds of plants are best for the bedroom?

Answer: Low-maintenance plants like snake plants or ZZ plants are perfect for bedrooms and complement the boutique hotel aesthetic.

11. How do Oh Susannah pillowcases fit into this aesthetic?

Answer: Oh Susannah pillowcases offer the perfect blend of comfort and design, elevating your bedroom to boutique hotel standards.

12. Can I mix and match different bedding styles?

Answer: Certainly! Mixing vintage and modern elements can help you achieve a unique, boutique hotel look.

13. How do I maintain this boutique hotel look over time?

Answer: Regularly update your bedding, and consider seasonal touches to keep the look fresh. Oh Susannah offers a range of designs to suit your evolving tastes.

14. What makes Oh Susannah pillowcases unique?

Answer: Beyond high-quality material and comfort, Oh Susannah pillowcases feature hand-decorated designs that add a personalized touch to your luxury bedroom.


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