Must-Have Dorm Room Items

Sending your children to college, is one of the big steps we must do as a parent when the right time comes. We may feel excited watching our child taking the next chapter of their lives, but at the same time worried and nervous that they may not make it on their own. As a parent, you want to leave your child on their optimistic way, and you may try to put down worries as you say goodbye to them. Time flies so fast and we must be ready to accept and support them in any way.

Here are the list of items you may want to take note before sending them to college:

Valid ID's

We all know,valid ID's and documents are the things you must not forget, you can't be registered on anything without any valid documents or ID's. 


Freshmen shouldn't be late especially on their first day! This will be very useful to those who have night shift or early morning classes.

Laundry Basket

This will remind your child to do laundry, make sure it is big enough to hold just the right amount of laundry.

Laundry Detergent

You can't do laundry if you don't have any detergent available. You  can also advice your child to have a homemade laundry soap to save money.

Dishware and Utensils

Your child don't need a lot of utensils but this remind your child to eat.


Dorms don't have a lot of space, hangers can be a great help in saving space. Choose also a wardrobe hangers that are space savers.


Eating out will be very expensive and can lead to overspending. Having snacks to grab on while studying will prevent this.

Mini microwave

This will allow your child to reheat leftovers so there is no food goes to waste, microwave is also very handy for cooking eggs,  canned food and making coffee or tea. 


You child's comfort comes first, a high quality bedding can give your child comfort and a good night sleep.

You might want to check out this pillowcases:

REMIND HIM/HER TO CALL MOM! – One (1) 20" x 30" white pillowcase with "CALL MOM!" in black text. Fits Standard and Queen sized pillows.


Call Mom PINK


JUST BE AWESOME! – One (1) luxury White Standard size 20" x 30" Pillowcases that features "be AWESOME" in BLACK text. Fits Standard/Queen Size Pillow inserts. 

BE AWESOME EVERYDAY! One 20" x 30" white pillowcase with "WAKE UP and be AWESOME." in Pink text. Fits standard/queen size pillows(Insert Not Included).


KEEP MOVING! One (1) 20" x 30" white pillowcase with "Go and Do." in black text. Fits standard/queen size pillows(Insert NOT Included).

Other items are disinfectant wipes, storage bins, stationaries or school supplies an mini fridge.





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