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Oh Susannah pillow cases comes with Free Greeting Card

May it be graduation, birthday, anniversary, wedding, engagement, Christmas, Valentines Day, long distance relationship, cotton anniversary, romantic gift for boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, I'm sorry gift, because: love, just because, bride and groom, people buy our products to let their loved ones feel the luxury and softness of our quality hand decorated pillow cases. Oh Susannah Pillow cases are perfect gift for everyone at any special occasion. We designed these pillow cases from our hearts that will be meaningful to you and yours. We started by making gifts for our loved ones that were special to us and those we gave them to, so we hope they will be special to you as well.  

We love our customers and want them to love us too. Aside from the fact that we are giving out 25% discount (no coupon necessary) if you buy 3 or more Oh Susannah pillow cases, we want our customers to be fully satisfied with their purchase and make their experience extra special.

Oh, Susannah pillow cases decided to include a free greeting card to any pillow case design for easy gifting.  

We think that a simple greeting card that features some of our cute and inspiring messages such as  "Wake Up and be Awesome"  would bring a smile to the recipient of the gift and maybe more!


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