Inspiring Words to Live by for LDS Missionary

As you send off your loved one to their mission, remind them of your love and care even if you are away from them. One thing you can do to keep them from going is to give them daily inspiration. As your family member or loved one on a mission continue to serve, you can give something worthy to somehow let him/her feel appreciated and they will continue to inspire others. Give them something handy and useful along their way such as cute and super soft pillowcases. A meaningful pillowcase is perfectly trendy, portable, and spiritually uplifting for any Sister Missionary or Elder Missionary to carry from home to home! 

The blessings of the gospel are so precious that missionaries try to share them with everyone they can. Missionaries are thrilled when friends share in the joys of living the gospel.

Being away for 2 years from a missionary you love is not easy knowing that communication with family is even limited to letters or email and very occasional phone calls so that they can focus wholeheartedly on serving the Lord and the people where they serve. Though, most missionaries end up feeling they gained more than they gave by serving.

A common morning for a missionary might consist of waking up at 6:30 a.m., studying the scriptures, and meeting new people to share the gospel with. The afternoon might include discussing gospel lessons with people they meet and volunteering for service in the community. A good night has them teaching the gospel to interested individuals and helping them learn and keep God's commandments or attending a baptismal service for someone who's decided to join the Church. They return home around 9:30 p.m. and fall into bed, usually exhausted and happy.

These LDS Missionary Gift Pillow Cases are perfect gift to your family member or friend as they go on their mission to keep you together as they go to sleep and wake each morning with this inspiring words to live by!


"As we arise each morning let us determine to respond with more love and kindness to whatever might come our way." by LDS President Thomas S. Monson


Here is another design that would remind them to pray.


You can also give these pillowcases just to spread the word and give inspiration to anyone you deem need uplifting and comfort.


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