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National Pet Day: A Day to Celebrate with our Special Friends!

Today, April 11, 2017, is the National Pet Day, a special day for all the pets and pet lovers in the world. This is the day when we give thanks to every pet that gives happiness to thousand of people all over the world. There are a lot of ways on how we should celebrate this day whether we already have a pet or not. Below is the list of ways of how we could celebrate this special day with our special friends.

Help the pets who are in shelters

Visiting pet shelters and take supplies for those pets who needs special love. Help a pet who is recovering from an illness, be a volunteer in a shelter or be encourage to adopt a pet.

New Toy/Game

Buy a new toy, treats or take them for a long walk in the park and let them enjoy and play or maybe you could play fetch game together.

Donate to a shelter or other animal welfare organization

Indulging your pets with their special treats? Maybe you should consider donating to some pet shelters or animal organization to help homeless animals.

There are a lot of unwanted animals out there seeking and waiting for some love and special attention. Maybe you could donate your time, donate a food or pet supplies. Every single bit of help is much appreciated. If you are interested in adopting pets, you should start thinking what the better time to adopt a pet is.

Gift Giving

You can give a gift to someone who already has a pet or to someone who is a pet lover to remind them everyday of how lovely it is to have something related to pets.

If you don't have any pets you could cuddle and or your kids may want to hug, you might want to consider giving these adorable gifts below as substitute to their dream pets.


Who would not want to take a panda for a pet and cuddle it? This toddler pillowcase features a cute panda face. This is a perfect gift for those who loves panda and have them always by their side.  Also available PANDA FACE STANDARD SIZE PILLOWCASE.


Every dog lover would want to have an image of their favorite pet imprinted on their morning coffee or late night hot beverage. This coffee mug is perfect for someone who is a big fan a bulldog and not just an ordinary bulldog but a French one, which makes it more romantic and meaningful.This mug features a one (1) coffee mug featuring the image of a French bulldog with the word "bonjour". 


If not French, let this English Bulldog be the one to always greet you with "Good Morning!", "Good Night!" or simply "hello, mate". Perfect reminder of your pet dog who always greet you in good times and in bad times. This mug features a one (1) coffee mug featuring the image of an English bulldog with the words "hello, mate".

 Happy National Pet Day Everyone! Sending our hugs and kisses to our special friends in every parts of the world!

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