Hello, Mate; Hello, Dog Lovers!

Are you looking for a gift that is something personalized for a dog lover?

We always have that one friend or family member that loves their dogs more than human.

Well, we can't blame them dogs are super adorable. Dogs are not labeled as man's best friends just for nothing. Dogs can be our family, friends or even our mood maker. No matter what happens, dogs always give us unconditional love in every moment of our life. Not to mention that dogs are one of the most loyal creatures in this world. No wonder dogs are being loved around the world. 

In that case, in giving gifts for dog lover people we must think that they will be the happiest if you give them something related to dogs. They will feel delighted if they will receive something that is always dog related items, such as shirts printed with dogs, pens, stickers, notebooks, mugs and etc.

One of the most popular gift item for dog lovers are mugs.

Why mugs?

Mugs are one of the most useful items at home, office or anywhere, we always use mugs. If you want to give something useful for a dog-lover person in which they can display or even use in their everyday activities. Mugs are perfect for morning coffee or afternoon tea. Other than that, mugs can also be used as gift holder, organizer or pen holder, it's up on your creativity and purpose. 

You can check on our very own adorable coffee mug below.

This coffee mug is featuring a whimsical English bulldog dressed as an English man with a word bubble saying "Hello Mate".



Isn't it very inspiring to have this coffee mug in every sip of your coffee, hot chocolate or tea? Every dog lover will feel special using this adorable coffee mug. This is a dog lover must have items.

This English Bulldog coffee mug would make the perfect gift for the Dog Lover in your life- teacher present, Mother's Day Gift, Teen Bedroom, Dorm Room Decor, Birthday Present, etc.
This English Bulldog coffee mug is made with a special technique the dyes the image directly into the mug ceramic, so there is no screen printing and no additional materials or chemicals. It is fade proof, dishwasher, and microwave safe, and safe to drink from!

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