Ways to Celebrate Armed Forces Day

Every third Saturday of May, it is time to give honor to the military men and women around the world. This year this holiday is celebrated on May 20, 2017. This day was implemented in 1949 by President Harry S. Truman in order to celebrate members of every section of the military, including the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force. The day to show them how thankful we are to the service that they had given to us. If we know someone who is still serving in the military and protecting our nation, you can check out below the ways to celebrate this day.

Honor them with flower

If we have that one friend or family member who lost their lives on the battlefield or while he or she was serving in the military, it is time to honor his or her memory. You can visit his or her grave and offer a bouquet of flowers or even writing a letter or just simply hold a moment of silence in honor of his or her memory.

Cook for them

You can invite your friends, family member or a veteran who had served the military, those who lives near your community and let them have a piece of cake that you bake. Appreciate their service by baking a set of cupcakes or a piece of cake. You can decorate them with the military logo or a flag of your country. Or you can cook a special dinner and invite them over to share their story in the battlefield.

Give Gifts

Our military men and women often sent to their camp or on a mission, and usually, it would take months or year before they could take a break or go home. If you know someone who is waiting for his or her soldier. Even for those veterans or military personnel who are about to leave their loved ones to do their duty. The pillowcases below is the perfect gift you could give to those people who'll be waiting for your return.


Waiting for my Soldier

This waiting for my soldier pillowcase is perfect for a Long Distance Relationship


Waiting For My Soldier -Reserved For My Soldier

 Perfect gift for your loved ones who are leaving for a mission.

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