5 Thoughtful Care Package Ideas to Cheer Up your Extroverted Friends

Two things people are fighting other than COVID-19 right now: Boredom and Loneliness. 

Being stuck inside without friends or extended family is rough, especially for those who thrive from the company of others. And if that person knows someone afflicted with the illness? Ugh. Even worse. 

Coronapression is real, folks, and there are people all around us suffering the silent effects of a life in isolation. 

If you know someone who is struggling emotionally during the Coronavirus quarantine, consider sending them a super thoughtful care package to cheer them up! 


5 Thoughtful Care Package Ideas for Extroverted Friends: 

1. A stuffed animal 

thoughtful care package ideas for etroverts

Dog and cat adoptions are on the rise during the Coronavirus quarantine for one simple reason: people want companionship. 

Having something soft and cuddly to snuggle can help alleviate the physical pains of feeling alone. You don’t have to run out and adopt a pet, though! A thoughtful stuffed animal can do the trick. Send someone a cuddly animal they can squeeze and love without having to housetrain! 

Bonus: Check out these absolutely adorable stuffed animals you can order from Amazon so you don't even have to leave your house to shop!


2. Their favorite Candy 

5 thoughtful care package ideas for extroverts


With grocery stores running of products left, right, and center you never know how long it’s been since your bestie had her gummy bear fix. Look for his or her favorite candy or snack foods and stock up on their behalf! 

This is also the most intimate care package item on our list, since knowing someone’s favorite candy shows a level of care and understanding that your friend will really appreciate in a time when he or she feels separated from the world.

As someone who recently received a huge bag of sour strips from my favorite grocery store across the country, I can personally guarantee the gesture is not only thoughtful, it could save your friend’s sanity. 

3. A funny coffee mug

thoughtful care package ideas for extroverts

Your super social friend is probably pining for the late-night coffee runs he or she made with friends and trying to recreate the magic with their own special brew at home. Whether it’s being filled with coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or warm milk, give your friend something to laugh about with a clever coffee mug. 

At least they can enjoy that trip to the kitchen, and have something funny to share on social media! 

Check out these hilarious coffee mugs available on Amazon Prime!

4. A motivational throw pillow 


Give your friend a physical reminder of their potential and your hopes for them. A motivational throw pillow not only encourages them to be their best self, as any best friend would do in person, it also helps breathe new life into a space they may be getting sick of! 

Win to the win. 

This Mean Girls throw pillow will compliment your bestie every time she passes it!


5. A photo of the two of you 

thoughtful care package ideas for extroverts


Yes, you could probably dedicate an entire Facebook album to photos of your fun times together you've each uploaded, but there's something different about having a physical photo around. 

Choose a photo that shows your fun, silly sides and print it out to add to your thoughtful care package. Your friend can stick it on the fridge or put it next to their bed for a physical reminder of how much he or she is loved! 


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5 care package ideas for your best friend

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