One Brilliant Way to Keep Kids Entertained AND Motivated while Quarantined Inside

As you become your child's primary teacher you're left with a unique predicament: How to teach your child basic educational skills and encourage them to be a decent human being while not driving yourself crazy. 

Being around your kids 24/7 and being responsible for every aspect of their being is difficult. It's ok to admit. 

When you start reaching your limit and still have little people clinging to you it's time to pull out the big guns: An activity that will not only keep your kids occupied but will also motivate them to stay positive. 

Because if any activity doesn't serve two purposes we feel guilty. 

Yay motherhood. 


How to keep your child entertained and motivated during Coronavirus quarantine

So what is this magic product? The Wake Up and be Awesome coloring pillow case by Oh, Susannah. 

Here's why we love it: 


1. It will entertain your kids 


The entire line of Oh, Susannah coloring pillow cases is meant to entertain kids by providing them with an art exercise. 

Instead of turning on another show on YouTube, coloring their very own pillow case is a more productive and educational use of time. It allows them to use their creativity to make useable artwork they can be proud to showcase! 


2. It comes with 6 long-lasting fabric markers


The coloring pillow case comes as a set of 1 pillow case featuring a black and white colorable design and a set of long-lasting fabric markers. When you consider how much these designer pillow cases usually cost it feels like you're getting a huge freebie! 

Use the markers to complete the coloring project, then keep them for future art projects! 

Who knows... by the end of quarantine your child could have an entire collection of t-shirts, towels, and baseball caps featuring their personal artwork! 


3. It will motivate your child every morning and night

My personal favorite thing about all of Oh, Susannah's motivational pillow cases is that the first thing someone sees every morning and the last thing they see at the end of the day is a positive message. 

In these troubling times of uncertainty, fear, and panic, the most responsible thing we, as parents, can do for our children is to surround them with as many positive messages as possible. 

What sets this pillow case apart as a motivational tool, though, is that the message becomes personal and more internalized since the child feels responsible for it. They will be so proud to have their own artwork displayed on their bed that they will look at it's posivite message more often- without even realizing it!


4. It promotes healthy sleep habits


All of Oh, Susannah's pillow cases are made with 100% brushed microfiber material. They are breathable, well-fitting, and incredibly soft. 

When the pillow case is super soft and doesn't wrinkle around the pillow your child is more likely to fall asleep comfortably and stay asleep! 


5. It supports an American small business and three working families

fun motivational gift for kids


It's no secret that the quarantine in America is affecting the economy. When people are stuck in their homes they aren't spending money at family-owned businesses around town, which is devastating small business owners.

Many are doing whatever they can to support small business owners and protect the American entrepreneurial spirit by ordering products from local stores for delivery and purchasing gift certificates to be used in person at a later date. 

Consider, too, purchasing from small business owners online.

Although Amazon is a huge global retailer which lumps products altogether, it's actually made up of thousands of individual sellers all trying to support families through Amazon sales. 

Oh, Susannah is a motivational decor company owned by a small family from North Carolina. Their products are made and packaged with the help of two other families in their North Carolina warehouse. That means that, even though you can order their products with free 2-day shipping on the mega online website, you are actually supporting three American families with your purchase! 



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