Don't Forget to Call Mom

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As we enter a new chapter in our life, like moving to a new place or entering college perhaps, we tend to forget to call our mom when we are away from home.

We may sometimes say our mother is annoying, noisy and always scolding us. Truth is, we miss that noise. And it's good to miss because we know that behind her scolds and lectures, are the love and care she has for us. 

It is not easy for students who are apart from their mother. Especially, when the strings of love and care are greatly attached to them. There are times that we crave for her soft kiss that wakes us up every morning, for her warm embraces that boosts our day, for her bright smiles that energizes our heart, and for her voice that seems like a music to our ears.


We can't deny the fact that our mother is the closest to us. For every milestone that we take, we always call our mom for help and advice. And she always listen, always there for you.  Now, for all the mothers out there who are sending their son or daughter to college, as they move a step away from you, give this very cute gift to your child for them to be reminded always to call you by simply seeing this Call Mom Pillow.





Hugging this pillow while talking to our mom at the phone will somehow remind us the feeling of our mom's embrace. And its softness is like our mom's care!

Call your Mom and say Good Morning while having breakfast together, tell her you miss her lectures and you need them more than ever! 

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