When Should a Toddler Sleep on a Pillow

Parents often think their child will be comfortable and sleep well with a pillow, not realizing that their child was doing fine without it. We might think it is so uncomfortable for us to sleep without one but it is actually different for children.

The truth is, when a baby sleeps on a pillow, she/he is at high risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or suffocation. This is most especially true when your child is younger than 4 months. Even after this risk period has passed, it is sill advisable that you do not introduce a pillow to your baby too early.


According to AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), it is still not clear on when it is safe to give a baby her/his own pillow. Even so, some experts seem to agree that the safest time is when your child is one year old. When a child is twelve months old, the risk of suffocation reduces considerably. However, if your child is still sleeping in a crib, remove all objects that may cause suffocation. The pillow should be small, firm and flat like the ones given on airplanes. To read more from News Kids Central, (http://www.newkidscenter.com/When-Can-Toddlers-Sleep-With-A-Pillow.html)

Oh, Susannah recommends that you wait until your little one is 18 months old before first giving them a pillow to sleep on. When you do introduce a pillow to your toddler, be sure to satisfy him/her with fun pillowcases. Kids love to have their own cute pillowcases as they cuddle them at sleep. Oh, Susannah provides cute pillowcases that are for 14x20.5" (toddler or travel size) and 20x30" (standard size) pillow inserts. The pillow inserts can be easily found on Amazon or at Walmart/Target. 

Some kids love pillows with quotes like the Peter Pan's famous line: "Never Grow Up" or you might want to inspire kids to Dream Big.



Paper airplanes and superhero mask are some of the fun and cute pillowcases for boys. If you are thinking of giving a gift to your toddler, this might be just perfect for him.



Little girls just love cats and this pink cat pillowcase is perfect for your girl. This cute pink cheeks pillowcase is a great gift idea too. 



Instead of giving toys as a gift, toddlers love to have to have their own pillowcase too. Just  make sure your toddler will have a good quality pillowcase to guarantee safety.  It should be 100% non-allergic polyfill polyester so that you can avoid possible allergic reactions.

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