Oh, Susannah Customizes Fun Hotel Pillowcases

Oh, Susannah Pillowcases are not just selling for personal gifts but also adorn the beds of several high quality hotels. 

In lieu of its cute and fun couple pillowcases designs, these pillows are also great as custom hotel decor and perfect for room design ideas that many couples would love. Oh, Susannah also ensures its great quality, extremely soft, luxury feel. We use 110 gsm double brushed microfiber (polyester) which results in a softer than cotton feel. It is also industrial wash durable (non-chlorine bleach).  Our process dyes the fibers which means that there is no fading, cracking, peeling etc of the image. The image will remain bright until the fibers break down. And it will look great when guests take pictures as a souvenir.

We started our custom hotel pillowcases on accident when traveling in beautiful Northern Michigan. Susannah had a conversation with the operator of the gorgeous Bicycle Street Inn while stopping in for a pretzel on Mackinac Island.  They started talking and when Susannah mentioned pillowcases, the hotelier's interests were piqued enough to get a sample. 

Bicycle Street Inn, Mackinac Island


Now Bicycle Street Inn has been using our pillowcases for 2 years with several reorders. We visited and spoke with a few employees who told us their guests love them. The reason for their regular reorders is that guests were going to the front desk and asking to buy the pillowcases (no gift shop). They wanted a momento of their trip and loved how soft the pillowcases are.

The hotel staff like the pillowcases because the are so easy to care for; they put them in the wash with their normal linens (no bleach) and are pleased with the durability and ease of care.



Ben grew up in Petoskey, Michigan working at Stafford's Perry Hotel, so after working with Bicycle Street Inn, Susannah and Ben decided to see if Stafford's was interested.  After a few discussions, the marketing director asked for some custom designs to go as wedding gift baskets to wedding parties that stay at the hotel. 

The events coordinator for the Boston Marriott Quincy found us online and orders our Mr Mrs pillowcases for gifts to the marriage couple when weddings are held at the hotel.


If you run a hotel, bed and breakfast or an AirBNB and would like a great custom accent to your rooms, reach out to Ben at info@osusannahs.com


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