Upgrade Your Home Décor with Oh Susannah USA Made Premium Pillow

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Home décor is all about creating a welcoming and inviting space that reflects your personal style and taste. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to update and refresh your home décor is by adding decorative pillows. Decorative pillows are a great way to add a pop of color and texture to any room in your home. They can instantly transform the look and feel of your living spaces, making them feel cozier and more inviting. However, not all pillows are created equal, and choosing the right pillow inserts is key to creating a polished and cohesive look. This is the reason we have written this blog to let you know that why Oh Susannah USA Made Premium Pillow can be a perfect choice for you. 
Fits 18x18" Pillowcase:

 The Oh Susannah USA Made Premium 18 x 18 Pillow Inserts are a great choice for anyone who wants to create a coordinated and polished look for their home décor. These pillow inserts are specifically designed to fit most 18 by 18 inch or 45 by 45 cm pillowcases, making it easy to switch up your decorative pillow covers to match your personal preferences or the season.

In addition to being versatile, these pillow inserts are also compatible with most other brands. This means you can use them with your existing pillow covers or mix and match with other brands to create a unique look. The standard size of 18 by 18 inches is perfect for a decorative pillow cover for a sofa or couch, as well as for use on a bed. Using these pillow inserts is a great way to add a pop of color or texture to your living room or bedroom.

You can easily change the look of your room by swapping out your pillow covers, and with these high-quality pillow inserts, your pillows will always look plump and inviting. So whether you prefer bold colors, subtle patterns, or a mix of both, these pillow inserts are a great choice for your home decor needs.

Durable Woven Fabric:

The durability and machine-washable feature of Oh Susannah USA Made Premium 18 x 18 Pillow Inserts makes them a practical and convenient choice for your home décor. The polyester woven fabric used in these pillow inserts is strong and able to withstand frequent washing without losing its shape or softness. This is especially important for those who have children or pets, or who entertain guests often, as their pillows can become dirty or stained easily.

 Unlike many other pillow inserts that use non-woven fabric, which is made by compressing fibers together and often falls apart or pills during washing, these pillow inserts use woven fabric. Woven fabric is made of long fibers that are interlaced, creating a more durable and resilient material that holds its shape and softness over time.

This means that even after multiple washes, your pillows will look and feel just as good as new. The high-quality construction of these pillow inserts also ensures that they will last longer, providing better value for your investment. The combination of durable woven fabric and machine wash ability makes these pillow inserts a smart and practical choice for any home décor enthusiast.

Soft, Smooth Loft:

The soft, smooth loft of Oh Susannah  Pillow Inserts is a key factor in their exceptional comfort and support. These pillow inserts use a super soft, polyester fill that is very stuffed, so it won't collapse and will be very supportive as a couch cushion or bed pillow. This means that these pillows are not only comfortable to use but also provide great support for your body, whether you are lounging on the couch or resting in bed.

The smooth loft feature of these pillow inserts ensures that they stay plump and plush, even after extended use. This is an important feature for those who want to maintain the look and feel of their decorative pillows for an extended period of time. The smooth loft also helps to maintain the shape and structure of the pillows, preventing them from flattening out or losing their form over time. These pillow inserts are an ideal choice for those who prioritize comfort in their home decor.

High Quality and Long Lasting:

When you invest in a home decor item like a throw pillow insert, you want it to last. That's where the Oh, Susannah USA Made Pillow Inserts Woven Fabric really shines. These pillow inserts are constructed with high-quality materials and attention to detail to ensure that they are long-lasting. The seams are stitched to perfection, and the woven fabric used is durable and built to last. You won't have to replace them frequently, which can save you money in the long run.

 This means that you can enjoy the comfort and style of these pillow inserts for years to come without having to replace them frequently. In addition to their durability, these pillow inserts are designed to be versatile. You can change your pillow covers with every new holiday or season and keep them feeling soft and plush with these inserts. This means that you can refresh your home decor without having to invest in new pillow inserts each time.

 Woven vs Non-Woven:

The type of fabric used in pillow inserts can make a big difference in their durability and overall feel. Woven and non-woven fabrics are two common types of fabrics used in pillow inserts, and they differ in the way their fibers are constructed. Non-woven fabric is made by pressing short fibers together in a random pattern, which results in a fabric that does not hold its shape as well. 

This type of fabric is often used in single-use items like hospital or airplane pillow inserts. In contrast, woven fabric is made by interlacing long fibers in a pattern that creates a more durable and long-lasting fabric. This type of fabric is commonly used in clothing and other fabric goods that need to withstand repeated use and washing.

By choosing woven fabric for your pillow inserts, you can be sure that they will hold their shape and maintain their softness over time. The use of woven fabric in Oh, Susannah's USA Made Premium 18 x 18 Pillow Inserts is one of their standout features. The woven fabric ensures that the pillows will remain durable and maintain their softness and loft over time, making them a great investment for your home decor.

With these high-quality pillow inserts, you can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your living spaces without worrying about the pillows losing their shape or becoming flat over time.

No-show seams:

Unlike traditional pillow inserts that have visible seams on the outside, the seams on these pillow inserts are stitched on the inside. This means that the stitching is hidden, creating a clean and polished appearance. The benefit of no-show seams is not only aesthetic but also practical.

The hidden stitching reduces the risk of the seams coming apart or the pillow insert tearing at the seams, as the stitching is less exposed to wear and tear. Additionally, the no-show seams ensure that the pillow inserts maintain their shape and softness over time, as there are no visible signs of wear or stress on the seams.

Overall, the no-show seams on the Oh, Susannah USA Made Premium 18 x 18 Pillow Inserts Woven Fabric are an important detail that contributes to the overall quality and durability of the product. By choosing pillow inserts with hidden seams, you can ensure that your home décor looks polished and refined, while also enjoying a product that will last longer and maintain its shape and softness over time.


To summarize, Oh Susannah USA Made Pillow Inserts Woven Fabric are a top choice for those who value quality, durability, and comfort in their home décor. These pillow inserts are designed with attention to detail, ensuring that they are long-lasting and maintain their shape and softness over time.

The use of woven fabric sets these pillow inserts apart from others on the market that use non-woven fabric, which is less durable and prone to losing its shape and softness after washing. In addition to their durability and softness, these pillow inserts are also machine washable, making them easy to clean and maintain. The no-show seams are another detail that adds to the overall polished appearance of the pillow inserts.

The smooth loft provides exceptional comfort and support, making them a great choice for both decorative and practical use. Overall, choosing Oh, Susannah USA Made Premium 18 x 18 Pillow Inserts Woven Fabric is an investment in high-quality and long-lasting pillow inserts that will enhance your home décor and provide a comfortable experience for years to come. Whether you're using them for decorative purposes or as a sleeping pillow, these inserts are sure to exceed your expectations.

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