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Valentines Must-Haves for Couples

Flowers. Chocolates. Candlelit Dinner. Romantic gifts. These are just some of the things we need to have on our list to celebrate this special day of the year. Valentines is fast approaching and we can see display of hearts everywhere we go. Undeniably, we can feel that love is in the air. 

Valentine's Day is the time when lovers have the chance to express their love in various ways. Some prefer to have a quiet time in a romantic place while some prefer to shower their significant other with unforgettable surprise gifts.

Giving gifts is one way of letting your lover know you love them even without saying a word. So might as well, give a gift that would truly be remarkable to your loved one. A gift that would make your partner think he/she must have that thing!

We have listed some of our collection that every couple must have and would surely bring a smile to your partners! 

One 18x18" throw pillow cover with "tonight (woo hoo)" on one side and "not tonight (sorry)" on the other side. Put on your bed to let your special someone know what you're thinking (he can't read your mind). This pillowcase is one of the cute Valentines Day gifts that would not be just a simple pillowcase but also serve as your communication tool!

May the Sun Kiss You Awake, May the Moon Kiss You to Sleep

A SUBSTITUTE WHEN YOU ARE AWAY! - This pillow case set features the words "May the Sun Kiss You Awake Until I Can" on one and "May the Moon Kiss You to Sleep Until I Can" on the other one in BLACK text. It comes in a Standard Size (20 x 30 inches) Set and 18 x 18 throw pillow cover set.


This pillow case set obviously says WE FIT PERFECTLY!  A set of two (2) 20" x 30" Oh Susannah white His and Hers couples pillowcases that has an image of Puzzle Piece on each pillow that features the words “ME” in one puzzle piece that fits into another puzzle piece that says “YOU”. Fits 20 x 30 inches Standard and Queen sized pillow inserts and an ideal long distance relationship gift. You keep one and give one to your boyfriend girlfriend or husband wife.

Now, who would not want to sleep and wake up with these romantic pillow cases? 


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