Wake Up & Be Awesome Motivational Coloring Book

"We really love that our pillow cases can be a happy message when kids go to sleep and a motivational message when they wake up in the morning. So I wanted to create this coloring book that could give kids an activity to remember to be inspired throughout the day. And here it is" says Susannah O'Brien, creator of this "Wake Up & Be Awesome Motivational Coloring Book" and illustrated by her sister-in-law, Betsy Petersen (BetsyMade Etsy Shop).
Motivational coloring books are a great way of having quality time between kids and their parents. Especially that each coloring page has a related motivational message on the opposite side which a parent can discuss with the child the meaning of the picture they are coloring. Another thing is that not only do they get to enjoy coloring the pages, there are also designs that are meant to relax and soothe children who might feel a little anxious. 
The designs and motivational messages are inspired by Oh Susannah children's line of pillow cases. The book has 25 coloring pages and has four blank pages leaving some spaces for your child to unravel their creativity. Also, the book is formatted as an 8" x 10", so the pages can be torn out and displayed in picture frames around the house. The inspiring designs will mean more to your child after coloring the happy images, talking about the related message, and seeing it on the wall, so each child can really internalize what it means to be happy and what's really important. 

We hope you enjoy the book together with your children!

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